Saturday, October 9, 2010

Milliken Centennial Celebration

Milliken had a little celebration (for a little town) to celebrate it's 100th birthday. They had the grand opening for their new police station and meeting house with cake and ice cream. They also had on display some mammoth bones that were found in the area.
Last Spring the school district held an art contest for students to submit a drawing that represents Milliken's history. Lucy drew this picture of a barn and horse and farmer, and it was chosen to be hung in Milliken's new police station and meeting house. She received this certificate of appreciation and a beanie baby MANNY THE MILLIken MAMMOTH in honor of the mammoth bones on display!

The Union Pacific Railroad brought in this mini train...they gave a presentation on SAFETY AT RR CROSSINGS then gave you a ticket to ride. the engineer was a lot of fun...doing circles in the parking lot like the engine was chasing it's tail!

there were many fun and free Jake is DIGGIN UP BONES . Then Lucy & I helped with face painting and Jake helped with the Bean bag toss. it was a fun morning!

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